He’s back

Last night I got a message request from Dang Pal on Facebook. I was right to be suspicious back in 2019 – he didn’t get any help because now he’s throwing rubbish at me. Look at this nonsense;


Andrew Wakefield had done some research in 1998 that the mercury and thimerosal in vaccines cause autism. Mark Geier also witnessed the autism rate increased that been caused my autism. The pharmaceutical companies are behind the autism epidemic and altering our genes. The Covid Jew jab increased the autism rate from 1-54 to 1-46. And the Covid vaccines has exacerbated the autism epidemic. There were no autism hundred of years ago until the Jewish pharmaceutical criminals has shoot vaccines into woman and destroys the genetic makeup and render their babies useless.

I was a normal child from birth and devolved to autism around 18 months. It mangled my brain and caused me not able to read, write and use the toilet.

80% of those on the autism spectrum are unable to read, write, use the toilet, learn how to communicate and turn them into a vegetable.

Adolf Hitler was the solution to stop the Jews from controlling every aspect of the western world. Unfortunately we defeated the wrong enemy.
Daily reminder that the holocaust never happened but it should have.

Thank you,

Dang Pal in private message on Facebook on November 15, 2022

We all know that Wakefield’s work was found to be falsified and he was struck off the British Medical Register as a result. Geier was similarly treated in the United States across multiple jurisdictions. There is no gene alteration because Autism existed well before any vaccine. The rate of Autism was always 1 in 46, and the COVID vaccine has changed nothing. 100 years ago there were Autistics in asylums and in working in science labs. Mozart was Autistic going even further back than that.

Pal was Autistic from birth, and that 80 percent figure is total rubbish. It is a lot less than that. Hitler was an idiot and the Holocaust did happen. Surviving Nazis stated as such and were proud of it as well.

The videos – the first one was a Best conspiracy rant, the second was a Hitler doco that has to be falsified and ditto the third about Europa. Europa was the name of a girl in a Thomas Dolby song.

Pal then added three images that I was not going to look at and then;

Respond you bitch ass

Dang Pal in private message on Facebook on November 15, 2022

I’m responding here.

Tf is wrong you? You dumb autistic mad

Dang Pal in private message on Facebook on November 15, 2022

This doesn’t make any sense

I was proud for abusing autistic people and Ashlin in 2014, and I have no regrets and remorse. Only felt sorry when I got arrested and manipulated the court to let me off the hook.

Dang Pal in private message on Facebook on November 15, 2022

This reads like an admission that he used Autism as an excuse to escape justice. He’ll get his eventually.

After collecting these comments I blocked him from my political account.


No, he’s still dangerous

The message request I received this past Friday proves without a doubt that Pal was lying when he messaged me previously per the previous entry. There is also a report that he’s been creating accounts and sending messages before deleting the accounts to avoid detection.

Here is his latest banter;

Now you know who I am, haha; a violent person with autism and intellectual disability (iq 52), and a history of violent crimes. All the violence that manifested when I was a kid was caused by decades of physical, psychological and emotional abuse. The treatment was minimal, I still distressed from the abusive treatment. I attempted to become violent like Chuol Gatwech, but I can’t. The attempt of curing autism from child abuse had failed. My step dad (saiko Chuol Gatwech) was proud of of beat people, physically, emotionally and sexually abuse children and my mum, rape woman and teaching me how to be violent like him. Since child protection intervened, my step dad has a court order to be away from the kids and my mum was also accused for child abuse, neglect her kids for decades and condone sexual violence at home (now she dead). Like a said, the truth would be unfolded and I tell you who I am.

I’m now doubting his Autism DX with that IQ number – but then again he could be lying again for all I know. This is now reading like an excuse machine.

I’m not exaggerating my life story, this shit is for real. This is why I have severe anger outbursts, and ended up in the hospital for homicide attempt and idiopathic brain swelling. Make no mistake, Chuol Gatwech wouldn’t hesitate to harm and abuse anyone with his presence. And that’s why I prone to violent outbursts and I’m stuck with it for the remainder of my life.

Actually he’s not. It’s another excuse. Being violent is a choice – always has been and always will be.

*homicide attempt to murder all of my own family.

And this has been acted upon appropriately. Hopefully this will be the end of it – but we’ll see.

I don’t know – for real or not?

While I was in Canberra I got a message request from Dang Pal on my personal account on Facebook. This is what he said in two separate messages. First;

Alright, you win. I’m announced today that I conceded with my hostile relationship with autism. I been admitted at Dandenong hospital for depression, suicidal thoughts and for my violent behaviour. I feel less distressed and depressed, and learned how to cope with life instead of being violent. I shouldn’t listened to you years ago, I done crime and it was on me, okay. This isn’t an empty apology to get away with trouble, this is a real apology. I learned to adjust with my autism like my dad, mum (who passed away) and sibling told me through the years, I never listened to him through the years.


On top of that, I learnt violence from my step dad (who raped my sister and commit domestic violence towards everyone in my family when my dad was absent) and used domestic violence and violence to cope with my miserable life.

I didn’t respond and I still haven’t because I wanted to put this on my website first and I couldn’t do that until I got home and updated my website as I have now done. Responding on Facebook was too risky at least at this point in time.

If I had time I would go down to Dandenong Hospital to verify this claim. I could call them, but a personal visit would be more likely to garner results. Dang Pal has to understand that he has hurt a lot of people and done damage to the reputation of the Autistic community – and that is something that can not be repaired with a simple message such as this.

Don’t get me wrong. It is a step in the right direction if it is genuine. No doubt. But such is the damage he has done there is going to be scepticism. Is it genuine or not? I honestly don’t know. I would like to find out, but the only way I could do that is to go to Dandenong Hospital and check this out – and even meet him maybe. At this point though the latter could be risky. He won’t get rid of those violent tendencies overnight. It’s going to take time. He’s in the right place to achieve that. Likewise you can’t just adjust to being Autistic just like that either. You have to be prepared. I was lucky that I was prepared without even realising it, making my transition in 1997 upon my diagnosis of Asperger’s easier. There were still issues of course, but the base was there. With Dang that base is not there, and it will take time to develop it.

Now I don’t know how well off Dandenong Hospital is in coping with someone with Autism in Dang’s position. That is something I could probably check on through a few phone calls elsewhere. The other issue is that being violent has become something of a routine for Dang, and that is something that will definitely take time to break. As the old saying goes, old habits die hard. That’s especially true for Autistics. It just depends on how determined one is to change, and how much help is needed to get there. Dang certainly can’t do it alone – that I have no doubt about.

So it’s a case of wait and see. I don’t trust you, Dang. A lot of people don’t trust you. Don’t take that the wrong way. We want this to be what you say it is. But as I said, you’ve hurt people and that hurt is going to take time to heal.

Stupidity on Mitchell’s page

I finally got around to this. As an aside I have been able to get a little further with more information arising from the previous entry, and I hope to complete that sooner rather than later. Dumb Pal has been a semi regular on Mitchell’s Autistic Writer page on Facebook and here are his comments ranging from March to September.

All jobs require at least basic level of social and communication skills in order to be an efficient worker.

No that is not true.

Speaking of people skills, autistic adults don’t even have the right functioning social skills and communications skills in order to be an efficient worker. This explains why autistic people are the least employed out of all the other disabilities because they have social, communications and behavioural problems. Just because autistic are good workers, doesn’t mean there efficient workers.

That doesn’t mean we can’t learn those skills! And we CAN be efficient workers without those people skills! As long as we do the job – no issue! The trouble is the employers insist on applying people skills as essential, and that goes to what Ari Ne’eman has always said about social pleasantries as essential – and what I’ve long said about abusing the concept of unjustifiable hardship!

Exactly. If they don’t like anything this sponsored with autism speaks or #mssng project, they might as well not use it.

This was in reply to Mitchell’s observation that we should be boycotting Google for supporting Autism Speaks and the #mssng project. I can safely say that I boycotted Google in 2010 (for entirely different reasons), although I have found that I have to use Google search if I need to apply restrictions as it’s the only one that has that capacity. Ditto Google Maps. But I don’t have an account and never will. I don’t use Chrome and never will. I only look at Blogger because that’s where some blogs I need to watch are, and You Tube is the only video website that actually works. So it’s impossible to totally boycott.

I forgot to mention that boycott autism speaks also hates light it up blue.

That’s narrow thinking, because the idea is limited to America. In Australia we have Go Blue for Autism, which is similar but it has nothing to do with Autism Speaks. That’s why I support it, and it was a shame that I couldn’t dress in all blue on April 2 2016 when I was in Timboon for Phil’s Weekend as I intended to. That is not supporting Autism Speaks. That is supporting Autism itself.

I don’t hate or be enthusiastic about liub, but I don’t make a big deal about it.

That’s because he doesn’t care about being positive in any way about Autism. He has proved that will his BS that I spoke off in the last entry.

They also have social, communication and behaviour problems which makes it harder for them to have work skills and people skills. Many autistic activist on the internet claim that autistic people need accommodation in order for them to be a productive worker and they deny that they have problems themselves.

We’re not denying the root problem. Pal is denying that there are ways to improve matters, certainly on work skills. As far as he’s concerned, Autistics are hopeless and can’t be helped and we should accept that as fact. It’s not fact and we know that!!

Most autistic activist are liars and don’t see the reality of autism because they claim autism is a social model of a disability and wants society to change by banning autism research all together.

Here’s the reality – Autism isn’t going away. Your interpretation of Autism is the present social model, and that has to change because it promotes hate and social isolation beyond reasonable bounds. I’m not against research as a whole – just research in certain areas designed to find a cure. It’s a waste of time and more importantly a waste of money that is better spent in education, adjustment and the fight for our right to be who we are and so on. Society HAS to change.

Who said disability part of human experience? Steve himself is not autistic, so he believes the lies that autistic right activist says.

I say it’s part of it, because every human being is different. Disability is a legal construct designed to protect from discrimination, and to educate in human difference. Being blind or deaf is part of the human experience as an example. We don’t lie – you do, to yourself about the condition you have.

As an autistic person. My disability crippled me from living life to the fullest, it bought shame to my family and there nothing good about being disabled.

You are crippling yourself. That has nothing to do with Autism. You brought shame on your family when you ended up before the courts for your previous conduct as I indicated in the last entry on this blog. That’s also on you, not Autism. You need help, and you are going to get it – like it or not.

It’s funny how the neurodivesity proponents like to blame your mother for nothing and claim that your mother neglect you. I say that bullshit.

Autistic people might be good at some things (maths, science, counting toothpick or remember bit of details) and they are bad at forming relationship, playing sports, living independently, communicate efficiency or keep their jobs. It’s taboo for some autistic people to have sex or get in a relationship (marry, dating) and it shouldn’t be discussed.

You don’t know what he said about his mother and what it revealed! It’s quoted on the front page of the Mitchell’s Gadfly blog on this website! We can form relationships – many of us got married (including me). We can play sport – I can play table tennis and I used to play squash. As a teenager I was half decent at field hockey. We can live independently. We can communicate efficiently. If given the right chance we can keep our jobs. That’s the key to all of it – a fair go and a proper education across it all, on our side and society’s side. The taboo is from society and that should be fought – not accepted as though it’s the rule. It’s not the rule at all.

He hasn’t posted since, and I hope he is done posting on there.

The Tip of the Iceberg

Holy cow! I thought I was dealing with a simply misguided and deluded person here. But I had no idea of his history!!

Back track to late 2004. It seems that Pal was running several pages, including Exterminate all Autistics and Mums Against Autism. The admins of the page Mom’s fighting back for those bullying and abusing autistic people was fighting very hard and she located Dang. Someone named Samantha Barbara made the following statement in relation to action against Pal;

Yes the police officer handling the case is back this week, and she’s sent the documents to another police station in Dang’s area for him to be interviewed. It’s unfortunately a very slow process. Dang doesn’t live in our area so another police station has to pick him up.

That means Samantha isn’t in Greater Dandenong but she is in Melbourne. It was also mentioned that a member of Parliament (state presumably) also got involved to hurry the thing up. Now the question is this – what happened? Did it go to court? What was the result? Was he referred for intervention treatment (which is what I’m after now)? This discovery has raised a lot more questions about Pal and he is now a much more serious enemy than I thought he was.

I have messaged the admins for information on this one, and the entry I had planned previously has been further delayed.

Defeat Pal Now (Part 2)

To continue from the previous entry, there were two other new statuses from Pal on his DAN page. The first followed up on a remark in the comments over sheltered workshops, and I’ll add that and the follow up first;

You fools don’t know nothing. Sheltered workshop is the only job network that would accommodate mentally disabled people and those who are severely afflicted with autism. You retarded disabled rights claim “sheltered workshop abuse disabled people and exploit them” Well they make friends, they got a job and they have fun. Where they going to go if they have no job? They would be depressed and watching tv all day at their parents. This source would prove to you that sheltered workshop isn’t bad after all.

He linked a news story that I’ll go into in a minute. Christine jumped on the obvious;

You are a bully and you need to shut up and let autistics be who they are, and get the jobs that they can get. You oppose this and you will be fought from pillar to post over it. You are a pathetic little animal.

Pal came back thus;

They shouldn’t allow to be autistic because they are a embarrassment to society. To top it off, profound autistic people are a burden to society and should be forgotten forever because they bought shame to the family.

You IDIOT! That sort of talk is from the 1950’s at the latest! Typical right wing crap! And Melanie let him have it in a milder manner than I would have!

That proves that you are a supporter of human rights abuses. You need to be brought to heel and I know who can do it as he has the ability to do it. Phil Gluyas.

Mel tagged me when she named me, and yes I can bring him to heel. Especially after this diatribe in reply;

Human rights don’t exist on disabled people because they can’t make their own decisions. He can’t do it because his disability made him hopeless

Hopeless?? You bastard! You’re more hopeless than I am, and that has nothing to do with your Autism. It’s your attitude! Human rights do exist for us – from the United Nations! Indeed, as Carl rightly said;

Human rights exist for EVERYONE! No exceptions! Phil isn’t hopeless. He has achieved a lot in his life and a lot more than you ever will if you don’t stop letting others who hate autism dictate to you how you should be.

Melanie drove home the point;

Well said, Carl. Dang Pal, you need to stop and stop now – before Phil makes sure that you get the treatment you need and deserve. he can do it because as Carl said, Phil isn’t hopeless. Hopeless people don’t win in court, umpire hundreds of games of football, acts effectively in the political field and aren’t afraid to name and shame cruel parents who won’t vaccinate their children for all the wrong reasons.

I’ll now review the link. It was to a story from The Australian talking about a court decision that firmly ratified the minimum wage as a requirement, and as a consequence it was claimed that this threatened the very existence of sheltered workshops. The story was written in 2014 and as far as I know the workshops are continuing on their merry way.

Pal added this barbed rhetoric;

You disabled right [beep!]wits want to shut down sheltered workshop? Guess what, it’s never going to happen because they have nowhere else to go. Plus, wage increase would make them lose their pension and their jobs.

Melanie was first to jump in on the new status;

Yes they would – if discriminating employers will actually give them a go on their terms!

Pal’s reply?

Who told you to speak up for them? They wouldn’t be given a chance elsewhere because they have nowhere lest to go.

Carl saved me the trouble of firing back myself;

Yes they would. If employers would put people on an equal footing with profits and judge people on their positives and not their negatives. You don’t believe in a fair go do you?

And James added this reflection on the link as well as in reply to Pal;

The government has put a lot of money into wage subsidy schemes to employ disabled people, as stated in the story which is from 2014. There has not been one closure. You are the one who wants them closed so they can remain lowly and be forced to demand a cure for their malady instead of accepting it as a part of them. They deserve good jobs.

The other new status was a clear bait;

I am the troll. Feed me haters, feed the troll. Why you hating, that what motivates the troll.

He’s not a troll in the strictest sense as I reflected on the August edition of my podcast, because he truly believes this stuff he is saying. Sam baited him right back;

You’re the hater. We’re just making it obvious to the world at our expense, Dang Pal of the City of Greater Dandenong, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.

Melanie added;

We hate you because you are a potential killer and you need help.

Indeed. As I have said, Pal is on the same path as Oliver Canby, who is on the same path as Adam Lanza.

Pal could only play the ignorance card yet again;

They keep me trolling, they hating.

It was Barb’s turn to shut him down;

You don’t know what real hate is. You have been engaging in it and you won’t admit it. So you have been called out on it, and you think it’s hate. You are a hypocrite.

I’ll get around to that other entry I promised, believe me! And I will be making enquiries to try and find this idiot in real life. He’s a threat to the Autistic community and he needs to be found. I just have to trip the right wires as they say and when I do, Pal will be brought to heel as the threat that he is.

Defeat Pal Now (Part 1)

Well after developments while I was in Adelaide I lost no time setting up this new blog because it needed to be done. This is the first fresh entry for the new presence on my website, and it again focuses on Pal’s stupid DAN page.

Before I get to that though, I want to note the fact that my link to the original location of the previous entry caused Pal to delete the original comment about electroshock therapy in order to make sure not only his comments disappeared but my link did too! Too bad – they are quoted in the previous entry so that gets him nowhere! Also, there will be nothing new on the Mitchell Newsweek article as they have closed the comments.

Now first off – in the good news he has got rid of the Best link. That’s a start. But since I’ve been in Adelaide he’s posted the most ridiculous and offensive statements! This started on Friday last week when he posted this;

Hey losers. Please explain to me that why autism is not a disability? If it’s not a disability (according to neurodivesity), how come they claim a disability pension and some autistic people can’t even hold a minimum wage job?

Melanie was onto this before I saw it and gave this ripping reply;

Disability is a society label. In order to survive in a biased and hateful society that wants to punish people for not being like them, counter measures are needed to make up for the lack of employment. That’s all the pension is. The reality is that there is ability. You have ability – USE IT!! Stop crying about autism. Stop letting the bastards win. FIGHT BACK AND SHOW THEM YOU ARE HUMAN! Right now – you’re an animal bent on dragging all other autistics down to your level.

When all the balance is achieved, there will be no need for the pension for autism – because all autistics will have jobs on their merits, as it should be.

I couldn’t top that when I saw it so I didn’t bother to add my two cents – but Pal went even further into the gutter with this reply;

What about profound autistic people with intellectual disability, can they get a job? Neurodivesity extremists can’t even answer this question, ya dumb [honk!].

Sam Redfern answered this one;

Yes they can, and have.

That’s true, albeit menial jobs like car washing as an example. But Pal continued with his offensive BS;

People with profound autism can hold a job? No, they have a mental age as an infant and is a burden to others. Can you imagine that? They would scare away normal customers, if they work at a fast food joint and it’s too expensive to hire them. However, sheltered workshop is a suitable place for them to work with goodwill wage ($2 a week) and separated from normal people. Where would they go if they have no job? They would be in the street, state run institutions or the disabled home. No wonder you neurodivesity extremist are dumb as hell.

I would have given him both barrels for that, but Barb Vernon saved me the trouble;

You know nothing. There are MANY menial jobs away from customers that the profoundly autistic can do, and they pay a lot more than $2 a week as well. Stop lying. You are harming yourself and no one else by doing it.

Earlier, Pal gave this equally ridiculous response to Melanie;

Even if their given jobs, services and right amount of support. They would remain disabled because of their autism or any type of disability. Please explain that how is someone who severely afflicted with autism, with intellectual disability is going to survive without assistance or pension?

According to DSM 5, autism is a developmental disability that impair their ability to socialize, have abnormal communication and have unusual restricted and repetitive behavior. People who are suffering from profound autism have intellectually disability, epilepsy, gastro problems and have sensory overload. While others who are mildly affected have high iq and go to college. Btw, I got my sources from autism speaks, the best autism service available. Please stop saying that autism is not a disability because you copy Phil Glueyas and the neurodivesity extremist.

Christine McKewen came back with fire and brimstone;

Because it’s true;
Autism is not a disability
Autism is not a disability
Autism is not a disability
Autism is not a disability
Autism is not a disability


Stop making excuses, coward. You WANT to be on a pension for life! Autism Speaks is the WORST service in the world! Talk to Amaze – you’re in Victoria right? You got to college, right? You can get a job – just stop making excuses and demand help to overcome those restrictions! You CAN do it!

Christine didn’t address all of what Pal said, but here’s my reply here.

Given jobs, services and the right amount of support – there is no problem! Disability disappears because they are leading a normal life! A job means no pension, idiot! Pal also tried to bail to the literal interpretation of the DSM-5 as though it was the book end on the entire issue. It’s only the book end on a diagnosis! Just because a person has socialisation issues, communication difficulties and restricted or repetitive behaviour patterns doesn’t mean they can’t do anything with their lives!! The profoundly Autistic CAN recover from epilepsy and gastro problems, and in the process relieve sensory overload – and even the intellectually challenged can do something with their lives!

That expands on what Christine said in a nutshell and she was right about Autism Speaks. She was also right to reference Amaze. But Pal hit the stupid button with this reply;

Now [beep!] off, you troll. Show me your real account? Please, don’t be a sad [honk!].

Way to avoid the point, and Sam got him back a beauty;

Show yours first, coward.

Pal responded wanting to know if Sam had forgotten to take his medication, so which Sam shot back wondering if Pal had forgotten his.

Pal also gave this ridiculous comment in more general reply to Christine;

Autism speaks is the best autism organization in the world and bought hope to families in need. They promise to find a cause, cure and prevention. Stop claiming autism and people with other disabilities are not disabled because you’re butthurt that disabled people are abnormal. Phil claimed that autism defines the person, something is wrong with him? That like saying cancer or flesh eating disease define the person, when it doesn’t. You guys need to stick your noses where it doesn’t belong.

Mel is not even a scientist, she a fraud who forged her university degree.

That’s not a new one against Melanie. She knows what she’s done and what she has. Anti vaxxers have attacked her in the past along those lines. She’s used to it. Autism does define a person as Pal has rightly said I have noted, and for one very simple reason. if you don’t adjust to it and own it, it will own you and you’ll go mad – like Adam Lanza did. Sam though was great with this reply;

She most certainly is a scientist and a very good one as well. Autism is not a disease so stop making comparisons to cancer. You are butthurt because you are being told the truth, and like A Few Good Men you can’t handle it. Autism Speaks didn’t help families until they were forced to because they had money, and even then they don’t provide the help they really need. You are the one sticking your nose into something that you don’t belong in, because you don’t understand and you don’t want to understand – because all you want is to be recognised as a lowly little kid with a loud voice. It doesn’t work like that and it never will.

Pal reply to that was pathetic;

If autism not a disease. Autism might of been a genetic defect or broken brain like fragile x because of the similar symptoms that they share. Those who are mildly afflicted are not likely to suffer from genetic defect.

Christine corrected the obvious;

There is no such thing as a genetic defect in autism. It’s a genetic difference.

And of course Pal played the ignorance card;

Shoe me scientific proof, dumb [honk!]?

That was right out of the book of Yuval Levental and Melanie countered brilliantly;

You show us that it’s a defect – scientifically.

That shut him up there. But on the back of his earlier reply to Sam, Pal also said this;

This graph show autism is on the rise. By 2020, it projected to be 1 in 10. Scary, huh?

The graph was from Autism Speaks and was done in a misleading manner to make their usual message about fearing Autism as obvious as they can. Ginger Taylor had a graph that was actually better than that one showing no uniform rise at all (as it should because there were jumps as we all know). Christine was first to respond to this;

BS. It will level out and may even drop when the DSM-5 takes hold. Autism Speaks is lying and using the wrong sort of graph to scare like those animals usually do.

Pal came back with this load of rubbish;

Neurodivesity extremists are lying and claiming that autism not a disability because they don’t want to get upset that they are abnormal themselves. Who knows, neurodivesity extremist would shoot people for not accommodating their needs, like Adam Lanza, Martin Bryant and the Seuong-Hui Cho. Do you know what they have in common? They had autism.

That’s another one that would have had me all over him but Melanie came back with this;

Bryant and Cho did not have autism. Lanza did what he did because he rejected his diagnosis outright and was never himself.

Pal lied in his reply;

Bryant did had autism, then later changed to Asperger’s syndrome.

Carl Davis came in with this accurate correction.

He never had either. Stop lying. His IQ was tested at 66, and yet he could handle a gun.

Pal played the ignorance card yet again;

Martin Bryant had autism, along with intellectual disability.

Sam shut him down thus;

Martin Bryant did not and does not have autism. His gun handling ability was too good for such a diagnosis.

Continuing the previous theme with graphs, Pal also put up a photo and added this to it;

Neurodivesity extremists deny that autistic child cost $225 billion dollars and its projected to cost $300 billion by 2030.

The photo contradicted that, claiming that the cost in the US was $137 billion (in Australia I know it’s an average of $5.8 billion – the difference can be put down to population). It also claimed $3 million in a lifetime of one Autistic – which equates to $60,000 a year for 50 years. That would only apply if treatment failed. Nevertheless the claim that those of us who support neurodiversity deny this is rubbish. In fact I expect that amount to be spent. Christine said this;

So? That’s what happens when you don’t treat it with respect from the start! Guess where the majority of the cost will be? In adults, because they weren’t looked after as kids! Look after the kids properly and the cost will drop.

Pal’s reply was stupid and shows that he is ignorant of parental neglect;

Stop blaming the parents when they did a good job looking after the mentally disabled kid.

Christine fired back;

If the condition was not treated with respect, the parents did not do a good job.

Pal didn’t like that and fired up;

WTF are you talking about retard? Bad parenting don’t cause the autistic child to suffer, autism does. The only way to fix that, is extensive therapy session or Aba therapy to reduce to suffering.

Christine came back in kind;

Bad parenting DOES cause suffering, you ignorant little savage! R-E-S-P-E-C-T!!!!

And Pal’s reply totally lacked it!!

Respect? I never heard of that Pokemon.

That was uncalled for, and so was this follow up;

Autism is the culprit of the problem. It can be solved with treatment to relieve the suffering. Bad parenting don’t cause autism to worsen, it’s the disabled child fault. He needs to harden the fuck up and realize this world is cruel and tough.

That caused Melanie to nearly blow a fuse;

You harden up and realise that people have the right to fight for who they are. You are denying that right, and that makes you a human rights abuse supporter. You are abusing yourself and don’t even know it.

Well said, Mel! And Pal played the ignorance card again;

I’m never abuse myself, you deluded [honk!]? Autism doesn’t define the person, like intellectual disability or Down syndrome. Please stop copying phils deluded ideology.

Oh yes it does! Any genetic difference does that! And Carl shut him down with this;

Stop copying Autism Speaks’ deluded and hateful ideology. You are abusing yourself because you’re allowing yourself to be held down.

To the original point, Barb had this to say;

Costs will go up for everything, you know. It’s called the increased cost of living. It affects everyone.

And James Marsh added this;

Employers refuse to employ them. It’s called discrimination. They can work. They just aren’t allowed because people are afraid of them. They are afraid of you, and you aren’t helping yourself by fanning that fear instead of countering it.

Pal had an excuse for that one;

If that the case, they could work in the sheltered workshop and they will earn the “goodwill wage”. They shouldn’t complain about “discrimination”, they should harden the [beep!] up and get another job.

Christine had the perfect rejoinder for this;

You should take your own advice, softie.

There was more – as talk switched to sheltered workshops, but that’s for the next entry on this new blog.

Pal supports the JRC and a new page

When I came back from Lismore this morning, I was greeted with a tag from Melanie Jewell on Jonathan Mitchell’s Autistic Writer page. I already knew about this thread, but what happened after I commented took the cake!

Here’s how it started. Pal put a visitor comment on Mitchell’s page;

Electroshock therapy is proven to treat disabling part of autism. I guarantee this therapy would transform, once violent retarded autistic person to near normal functional autistic person.

He linked an article from the inconsistent, which was lacking in scientific back up and relied totally on unproven anecdotal evidence. This therapy is dangerous – indeed as I reflected in reply to Pal’s comment and link;

Totally banned in Australia – and rightly so. Get off your high horse.

I posted that a little over a week ago and Pal came back with this;

It proven to treat severe depression, schizophrenia, intellectual disability and challenging behaviour of autism. Electric shock therapy would reset the brain, in order for the brain to remove the challenging behaviour.

Reset the brain? You can’t reset the brain – that’s impossible! Well in theory brain surgery could do it, but practice in another matter! And Melanie barged in with this accurate reflection, and from a scientist;

You LIAR! It has been proven to do no such thing! Phil’s right – it’s been banned in Australia. Because it killed people or harmed them for life, as it did to legendary rock singer the late Stevie Wright.

I would have invoked Stevie as well. Good call, Mel! The infamous Deep Sleep therapy at Chelmsford Hospital was responsible for all that.

But it was only this morning that I saw this when Melanie tagged me in her responding comment;

Don’t want to hear your stupid disability rights propaganda. Electroshock therapy is proven to remove unwanted behaviour because it’s the only way to fix unwanted behaviors and they resist other ways to remove it. (suicidal behavior, deep depression, self harm, being violent to others, schizophrenia and drug abusers)

I’ll paste what Melanie said first;

You are a threat to society. Phil Gluyas you’re the expert. Get him arrested for this!

My reply was simple;

Unfortunately, Melanie, this isn’t a matter for the police. I wish it was – it would make things simpler. What he needs is to be restrained and admitted to the psychiatric ward at the Dandenong Hospital.

I then linked this blog entry and this, Pal, is for you.

Your rhetoric supports the Judge Rotenburg Center in the US. It’s totally unacceptable. ECT is NOT proven to work by science. Melanie knows it – she’s a scientist. That article (as I reflected above) is anecdotal and nothing more than speculation. ECT is dangerous. It carries intense risk. Jolting the brain in any way, shape or form is inherently risky. It does not cure Autism and never has. Autistic behaviours have other methods available to curb – and I mean the dangerous ones (self injury and intent to injure others as the obvious examples). The first port of call is to understand why they happen, and just labelling them Autistic isn’t enough information. There’s a sensory overload there and this needs to be found and dealt with. The cases quoted in the Slate article would have been from cases where an overload was dealt with as a sheer fluke by ECT. Flukes aren’t science. Electric shock is bad for the body – I know. I was jolted once. Did it change me? No it didn’t. Was I already Autistic? Yes I was – even though I didn’t know it at the time.

The JRC is facing closure attempts. I know of one court case, but I can’t locate it as the US court system is not as easy to search as the Australian.

But I do know that ECT is banned in Australia as I have said before. It deserves no support. This isn’t about disability rights. This is about human rights. ECT goes against the rights of a human being to be themselves – disability or no disability. Violent behaviours are treated by going to the source of the behaviour and solving that. And that is usually from an external source – a bad influence from within the individual’s family or social circle.

Also, Pal has opened another page. This one was originally called “Hating autism” but it was later changed to “Defeat autism now”. On the list of links are;

1. The Mitchell Newsweek article, with a claim that he is telling the truth – to which Sam Redfern rejoined “No he isn’t”.
2. John Best’s New Hampshire governor page, asking readers to follow it – to which Sam commented not to and added rightly that Best was a maniac.
3. Mitchell’s interview with Autism Live from early 2015 (I already took that apart on Mitchell’s Gadfly)
4. A photo that was linked on a page title “Get ‘Exterminate all Autistics’ BANNED”
5. A share of Melanie’s screenshot of Pal’s comment just above about disability rights. This one is the one that Melanie saw first and she commented;

You at this again, Dang? Stop lying about autism.

It was appropriate because Pal had said of the screenshot and Melanie’s retort (“This is a disgrace! This man is dangerous. Seriously.”);

Wow. Neurodivesity claims that wound shouldn’t be healed and to be left infected. What a shame that disability rights claim that disability shouldn’t be cured and trivialize it.

Sam Redfern gave this the appropriate rejoinder;

Healed? Infected? Last I looked autism wasn’t a disease.

It’s not! Sam’s spot on. And then Christine McKewen came in with this;

You are the one trivialising the issue, Dang Pal.

That caused Pal to show his level of stupid;

Me trivializing autism? Lol. Why should I buy some disabled right bullshit? They just saying that they disabled by society because they claim that society abuse them when they did nothing to them

What rot! And Melanie was spot on with this reply;

Society DOES abuse them! Why do you think there’s a Disability Discrimination Act? To try to prevent it!!

And I can talk through experience on that one! Australia Post and the Defence Department!

Christine also added to the first link the following;

JM is talking his own hardships that he brought on himself. Nothing to do with autism.

Pal struck back with this blatant lie;

No. Neurodivesity deny the negative side of autism and sweep it under the rug. He struggled because of his autism. Next.

Melanie tagged me in her reply to that;

No he struggled because society wouldn’t let him be him. And according to Phil Gluyas and a few others his mother neglected him as well. No on denies the negative side of autism. You are denying the positive side.

I can’t add to that except to remind Pal of the details of Mitchell’s mother’s neglect – insisting on trying to cure his autism instead of living with it like every other parent at the time did after being falsely accused of being bad parents and therefore the autism was their fault.

On the second link, Christine added to Sam’s comment by calling Best a liar. Pal called best “hilarious”, to which Melanie said;

No he’s not. He’s dangerous because he’s serious.

And to prove it I added the link to my victory over Best, pointing out that it proved that he was not just a liar but a full blown defamer.

On the fourth link, Christine made the obvious point;

You didn’t read the comments did you? This is fake.

Pal struck back with two comments;

This therapy is legit. This guy from India is a registered therapist that treats autism and brings hope for those who are afflicted with autism. Neurodivesity is wrong again.

Show me the evident that this treatment is fake?

Melanie provided the perfect rebuttal;

It’s faith based. There is no faith based “medicine” that has ever cured anything let alone autism. Registered therapist be damned.

To back that up, Pal should have looked at the profile of Ashwani Kumar. There are no medical qualifications there, and there is mention of spirituality. The university Kumar claims to have studied at seems to be a place for exclusive study of that subject. Pal’s fallen for a con artist.

Finally, there was another link – to Mitchell’s “Neurodiversity: Just say No” article, and Melanie pointed out;

Einstein was autistic. So was Mozart and a number of other people. The essay you are talking about is junk.


The way this is going at the moment, I may be opening a new blog. We’ll see.

Pal proves he’s gone crazy

Poor Melanie Jewell.

She had no idea after she said on her page that Dang Pal needed help that she would get jumped on by a page called “Neuroinsanity gone crazy”. On August 4 I put an entry about this on the Oliver Cantby blog because like Melanie I was fooled into thinking this was Canby pulling a nasty stunt going in to bat for Pal. It started thus;

How dare you trivializing dang for wanting a cure his autism. Neuroinsanity don’t agree for all those who want to cure their horrible disability, what a shame.

Melanie didn’t twig straight away either way and shot back with some authority;

It’s not a disability – unless it’s allowed to be. That is a fact.

Along with the fact that there was no trivialising by Melanie. She stated a fact – that Pal needed help and I will add to that by saying that he does need a cure – for his mental retardation and not his Autism.

Sam Redfern then showed up with this cracking comment;

The name of your page is offensive and ignorant, NGC.

It certainly is ignorant. As far as the offence goes, that only works for those who know that it’s an insult for neurodiversity. Pal meanwhile shot back at Melanie with this;

Wow. You claim autism not a disability? No wonder neurodivesity is a insane group. Scientists agree that autism is a disability. What about you? You’re not even a scientist, you’re a fraud.

He then addressed Sam’s comment;

My page is to expose the truth of neuroinsanity lies, Autism is probably caused by mercury or genetic defect or something.

Melanie is a scientist for a start and she said that it IS a disability for those who allow it to be. If he’s calling neurodiversity an insane group he’s calling the entire human race insane! As far as his comment to Sam is concerned – it doesn’t expose the truth at all. The second part of that comment is out of line. Melanie came back with venom;

Scientists do not identify autism as a disability. That’s a society label. And I am a scientist. Are you? Do you understand autism? Do you understand genetics? Do you understand science?

He doesn’t understand any of them because he doesn’t want to. He doesn’t want to know about Autism, genetics or certainly science. Sam meanwhile responded to the comment aimed at him thus;

Autism is not caused by mercury.

Orac is a terrific source and this is a great article. Pal though hit the stupid meter with this reply to Melanie;

The medical professionals identify autism as a disability because it impair their ability to socialize, communicate and behave like a non disabled person.

This was a pretty good attempt to impersonate Canby, and he changed it to medical professionals – blowing it again because regular doctors can’t diagnose Autism. That falls to psychologists and psychiatrists. Autistics can overcome the issues with socialising and communications with a full education and tolerance within society. And what defines a non disabled person? What about the blind, the deaf or the wheelchair ridden? Mel fell for the impersonation, but she was great with this challenge;

Use your own account, Dang Pal. One chance only.

Pal didn’t see this straight away and continued by invoking Mitchell;

Jonathan Mitchel would prove to you that autism is a disability

That’s another article (alongside the one un-diagnosing Einstein et al) that needs a responding article, and a strong one.

Carl Davis then got involved with this comment;

You’re embarrassing yourself, Neuro. You are insane if you think you are telling the truth. Get with it. Autism can be great if you treat it with respect, and you can do things “normal” people can’t do.

Melanie meanwhile noted the link and gave it the appropriate verbal one arm salute;

Jonathan Mitchell?? He hasn’t got a clue!

It was then that Pal pulled his impersonation stunt;

This is not dang pal. I’m Oliver Canby.

How dare you mock dang pal for stating his own opinion for curing his disability.

Melanie fell for it, but either way she instantly saw the danger and posted;

Oh bye bye Mr Canby. You are crazy and need to be arrested and charged.

And then she deleted the original comment and banned him from the page before posting the following comment in it’s place;

And Neuroinsanity gone crazy AKA Oliver Canby is banned from this page. Screenshots taken.

And sent to me for this entry.

Over on the page concerned there was some more nonsense. For a start Pal not only added the Mitchell link again, he also linked John Best’s Hating Autism blog! Melanie went in and linked to Canby’s Facebook profile and to the last entry on his Autism is bad blog to prove that he was (and is) crazy. Pal shot back;

You, Phil and the neuronitwits were harsh Dang and Jonathan Mitchell for wanting to cure their autism.

Sam let him have it for that one;

No they aren’t. Those two are hateful towards the autistic community wanting it wiped out because that is what will happen if a cure is found. So are you, Oliver. You want people dead for it. That’s the epitome of crazy. Thank you for the link, Melanie. Very enlightening!

Sam also pointed to the Autism Wikia article on Mitchell in reply to the link to Mitchell’s article, and he added this piece of brilliance to the visitor comments;

This page is an offence to the true nature of the human brain and it’s naturally diverse nature.

The very definition of neurodiversity.

I watched the page very closely but suddenly it disappeared after I added it to the Canby article on the Autism Wikia. Melanie noted the deletion, but then Christine McKewen dropped in and advised that she caused the deletion of the page by noting that it was in fact Pal that had created the page. Melanie queried that and so did Sam. So did I. Sam though wasn’t sure either way speculating that Canby could have copied and pasted Pal’s rhetoric. But then Melanie saw a comment by Pal on Jonathan Mitchell’s writer page (the same page I previously mentioned as a source of more Pal material) and realised that Christine was right. Carl Davis added that Pal could have found Oliver’s name in a Google search for my name and just used it “to deflect attention” – adding credence to Christine’s observation over her comment. And Christine drove home the point noting a comment on Mitchell’s blog that almost carbon copied one of the comments on the page AND added that the times of Pal’s comments weren’t consistent with Canby’s local time.

That was when I deleted the entry on the Canby blog and moved it here where it belongs. I added in reply to Christine that there was another point of proof. Canby would have persisted under fire. Pal gave up just like that. I also removed the reference on the Canby Autism Wikia article.

This incident will increase my efforts to find this guy, get his real name (if it isn’t Dang Pal) and ensure that as Melanie noted he will get the real help he so desperately needs.

Dang Pal or whatever your name is (Part 5)

I meant to do a follow up entry but I didn’t get around to it and meanwhile Pal came back and put more nonsense on the Newsweek article a couple of weeks ago. I was onto it and after two weeks he hasn’t been back.

Melanie Jewell I’m not even agressive and I don’t personally hate myself or loathe. But hey, you autistic rights think that suffering from cancer or fatal disease is a part of someone. Autistic and disabled rights think that mental illness, diseases or disability is a part of someone or defines them, are absolutely demented. Autistic rights claim that people are disabled or diseased because of society fault, when medical science can handle the problem, by curing the disabling part of the disability. You and autistic rights made my brain cells gone, with your misinformation because you guys are dumb as hell.

You’re lying! You do hate yourself because you wouldn’t be on here whining like a little brat if you weren’t! Autism is NOT a disease! Never has been and never will be, so do NOT make that comparison! It is the height of hate for Autism. We aren’t “disabled” because of society. It’s a label they attach to us to try and restrict our ability to contribute because they are afraid of what we can do. THAT is the problem. Not Autism itself. Get society on the right track, and we get everything we are entitled to. You are against that. You haven’t lost a single brain cell to Autism. You have however lost brain cells through your stupid and hate ridden conduct that WILL be penalised. You were told we have hate laws in Victoria. I know you live here, and you are breaking those hate laws. You are the one spouting misinformation based in fear – the very core of hate speech. Either stop and fight with us, or go stand alongside the bigots of this country where you belong! Your choice!

He’s aggressive. He shows it plain as day in everything he has posted.

I understand both disability rights and medical model. Only thing that I’m concerned about the disabled rights, they going to impose their acceptance for those who suffer from disability or in extreme cases, they claim that suffering from fatal disease is a part of someone. If a cure found, it shouldn’t be imposed, neither imposing acceptance for those with diseases and disabilities.

It WILL be imposed! Society fears Autism and they want it gone completely! You aren’t helping with you hate ridden claptrap! SHUT UP!

I’ll add to that by saying that Autism NEEDS to be adjusted to and accepted, or madness follows.

Kristi Âû Campbell What about the profound autistic, who have no mental capacity and have a mental age as a baby?

Same thing! Once again you fail to understand Autism.

I’ll clarify that and say that those who are low functioning and those who are not have the same condition. Besides, every living human being has a mental capacity!

Phil Gluyas I already adjusted my disability through treatment. I don’t hate myself personally. Without autism treatment, they would suffer from the disabling symptoms from autism and that would do more harm than good. Autism doesn’t define anyone, nether does disease or cancer. Go stick to assaulting people and sue people’s with your childish lawsuit.

Phil Gluyas People can manage to adjust with their disability fine, through treatment and teaching them repeatedly to follow instructions over and over again. Then again, you guys deny the disability part of the disability and claim it’s okay to suffer from it. They want to live normal lives, without their disability interfering with their lives. Once again, you deny it and pretend that none of that happened. You guys are easly offenend with the word normal. Normal means, person behave appropriately, without embarrassing themselves. Autistic people need to learn the ground rules of socializing and communication in order for them to interact with others. Without it, they would be seen as a lost person.

1. I have not assaulted anyone for a start. Let’s make that clear and you are listening to proven defamers with that one. I wouldn’t have WON any lawsuit if they were childish. They were legit and succesful as well, so be very careful. You do hate yourself, and no you have not adjusted because you are rejecting the condition as a part of you instead of accepting it. Do NOT compare the condition to any disease. That is hate speech.

2. Suffering is in the eyes of the beholder. I don’t suffer, because I make it work for me. You suffer because you won’t adjust and it controls you instead. Own it! Your definition of normal is wrong, because there are many who are not even Autistic who embarrass themselves all the time! Pauline Hanson, Donald Trump, anyone in line for what’s called the Darwin award, Sonia Kruger, Pete Evans, anti vaccine proponents – the list is ENDLESS! Society needs to learn to tolerate difference and help instead of hinder. You support discrimination and that makes you a threat to yourself because you won’t react when you are penalised for being Autistic. You need to fight that stuff. But you won’t. That is the true definition of a lost person and that has nothing to do with being Autistic. Get your functioning levels right and in the right environment, you will be fine – without a cure.

Indeed, if any of my three lawsuits were childish I would have lost. And I didn’t.

Melanie Jewell You like people to leave their infection untreated? I don’t think so.

Autism is NOT AN INFECTION, you hate ridden bastard!

Enough said!

Melanie Jewell Show me the scientific proof that all historians scientist are autistic? Come back when you have proof and don’t make up assumptions.

Scientists are socially awkward, that doesn’t mean that they have social communication impairment, like autism. Normal people can be socially awkward (nerds, scientists or dorks), they still manage to understand the ground rules of social and communication skills and being socially inept isn’t disabling like autism.

I’m getting sick of this! Socially awkward is a key Autistic trait – it’s a social communication impairement. The two go together like salt and pepper! Nerds ARE Autistic! Many scientists are Autistic! Dorks? Well that carries a very vague definition that’s too general to address accurately. James Marsh provide a link that IDed Albert Einstein as Autistic (Mitchell is a liar and his article is rubbish). The fact that you don’t understand Autism is proof that you don’t accept the evidence that lies in the combination of the DSM-5 (and the DSM-IV) and the reputations of those who have been identified as likely Autistic.

An additional point – not all scientists were Autistic.

Melanie Jewell “Let’s blame society for our disabling problems” Why do the disabled rights need to blame society because they have a disability?
That proves to me that you and the stupid disabled rights are misinformed and demented. Thief disabled because of their impaired ability to do certain a things, compared to someone who not disabled.

You are misinformed and by your own admission you are mentally retarded (separate to Autism and not a part of it) so you have no business putting others down when you have clear issues. You are trying to label me disabled by labelling everyone of the Spectrum disabled. Listen, idiot – I can ride a bicycle, I can walk and run, I can use all of my limbs in the way they were intended. I know how to use my brain, because I have learned how – and you haven’t. I am Autistic, and I am NOT disabled. Yo9u aren’t disabled by Autism. Mental retardation is disabling you and you refuse to do anything about it because that MR has happened because you won’t adjust to your Autism! That’s YOUR fault, and I suspect those around you have some questions to answer as well!

That commentary from me is derived from the previous entry which quoted Pal’s blog, and I fancy this may be why he didn’t respond. He knew I had him.

Melanie Jewell Autsim is a developmental disability that affect the brain functioning. If Autism was a genetic defect, then it would be compatible to Down syndrome and fragile x syndrome.

It’s NOT a genetic defect! It’s a genetic DIFFERENCE!

And even if it was a defect as such, it’s proof that there would be eugenic elimination because that’s already possible with Downs Syndrome.

When I can get the time to do it, I’ll follow up with what I intended to do per the previous entry.